Change Logs

v1.2.1 2024.05.04

Fix .NET 8 performance regression.

Use P/Invoke source generator. Native accelerate speed up 50%.

v1.2.0 2024.04.24

Add .NET 8. which cause performance regression.

Add Native Accelerate method GetPlanetPosition_Native to accelerate calculation. with 30%+ performance Improvment. (Experimental)

Native CPP code is only for Windows x64 AVX2 enviroment.

Using fast floating-point compile options on native libraries can result in a decrease in precision and is difficult to estimate.

v1.1.8 2024.01.14

Fix critical error in ELL to XYZ convertion.

v1.1.7 2023.12.13

Bug fix.

Add explicit cast of VSOPResult

v1.1.6 2023.9.3

SIMD Accel Utility.

Bug Fix

v1.1.5 2023.7.7

Bug Fix.

API change with some feature in VSOP87

v1.1.2 2023.7.05

Many improvements.

Some of them are from VSOP87.NET

v1.1.1 2023.03.26

Initialize performance upgrade.

Add result classes.

Use MessagePack to compress original data.

v1.0.0 2022.06.02

New features.

Performance Optimization.

Upgrade to .NET 6

v0.9b 2020.11.14

Upgrade to .NET 5

v0.1b 2020.07.06

Initial PR.

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